‘system.Data.DataRowView’ does not contain a property with the name ‘FixServerConfirmation’

After installing the SharePoint 2016 August CU – Build 4417 on top of the RTM Build the following error appears when you visit CentralAdmin > Manage servers in Farm. Sorry, something went wrong. DataBinding: ‘system.Data.DataRowView’ does not contain a property with the name ‘FixServerConfirmation’ The error goes away after running the Products and Configuration Wizard to complete the upgrade process.

SharePoint 16.0.4351.1000 RTM shows up as 4327.1000 RC

I installed RTM 4351 from MS Download (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=51493) and somehow end up with RC 4327.  Here is the command to check your Farm Build Version. #Check Farm Build Version Get-SPFarm | Select BuildVersion Upgrading to a later CU seemed to fix things, so let’s just leave that at that shall we? 🙂  

Get started with Hyper-V for Windows 10

It’s pretty easy to get started with running virtual machines in Windows 10, especially since Hyper-V Manager comes with Windows 10. Here is how it works. Step 1 – Enable Intel vTX or AMD-V in your BIOS You may need to enable the Virtualization vTX option in your BIOS if you have an Intel Chip. AMD chips should already have AMD-V virtualization enabled. If you don’t know what a BIOS is…then I’m not sure why you are reading this. J Step 2 – Enable Hyper-V … Read more Get started with Hyper-V for Windows 10

How to split a 40GB file into smaller pieces

This is useful if you need to upload or FTP a really large file.  If you have ever tried to FTP more than say 10GB, there is a chance your connection could drop during the transfer, meaning you have to start all over again.  Rather than wait hours for a single file to transfer, split your file up into smaller chunks like 100MB or 500MB and queue them up in your FTP client of choice.

Who’s taking the Office 365 Exam?

I created these questions based on notes from watching a really good MVA course and I am only guessing that you ought to expect questions like these on the exam.  I constructed my notes in the form of questions because, well what better way to study than to write your own questions?  I am using this method of studying in conjunction with practice exam questions purchased from MeasureUp, so hopefully this covers all those awkward things they ask you in the exam.

Studying for Exam 70-461?

If you are studying for the 70-461 exam like myself, then purchase Training Kit (Exam 70-461): Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 from Amazon.  So far I have waddled through the first 150 pages, some parts requiring more time to absorb than others.  I’ve been stuck on chapter 4 for quite some time as the concepts start to build on each other slightly, but nevertheless moving forward.