How to split a 40GB file into smaller pieces

This is useful if you need to upload or FTP a really large file.  If you have ever tried to FTP more than say 10GB, there is a chance your connection could drop during the transfer, meaning you have to start all over again.  Rather than wait hours for a single file to transfer, split your file up into smaller chunks like 100MB or 500MB and queue them up in your FTP client of choice.


  1. Install 7-zip –
  2. Open 7-Zip File Manager
  3. Browse to + Right click the file you want to split > Add to Archive
  4. Choose the options below
    1. Select Store for compression level
    2. Type 1 GB for split size
    3. Note – If you set the compression level to anything other than “Store” or use “encryption”, this will take really long.