Who’s taking the Office 365 Exam?

I created these questions based on notes from watching a really good MVA course and I am only guessing that you ought to expect questions like these on the exam.  I constructed my notes in the form of questions because, well what better way to study than to write your own questions?  I am using this method of studying in conjunction with practice exam questions purchased from MeasureUp, so hopefully this covers all those awkward things they ask you in the exam.

What are optional components of Office 365?

  • You can add on Yammer to SharePoint Online
  • You can add on Project for Office 365 client, Project Online (enterprise), or both
  • You can add on Visio Pro for Office 365 client
  • You can add on Dynamics CRM

What are the benefits of Office 365?

  • Full Office applications online
  • Advanced IT controls and configuration
  • Optimized experiences for common devices
  • Exceeds 99.9% SLA

What are some improvements in the latest 365 Upgrade?

  • One Drive is 25GB now

What is the Fast Track Deployment Process?

  • Pilot – discover cloud advantage
  • Deploy – production ready benefits
  • Enhance – implement features in depth

What are advantages of the Fast Track Deployment Process?

  • Go from Pilot straight to Production without having to rebuild anything
  • Full user experience without on-prem requirements
  • Reduced time to value against with minimal effort
  • Multiple migration methods
  • Choice of various Identity options – Cloud Only, Synchronized IDs, Password Sync, Federated with Single Sign On
  • Cloud Portal offers guidance on getting setup

What is involved in Planning a Pilot?

  • Customer Analysis – industry, head-count, geographic region, migration options, does management support cloud based services
  • Scalability Limits – Hybrid Config supports single Exchange Org only, Limitations on Bulk Email, Sharepoint Upload Limit of 250MB / 500,000 users contact MS / no full trust code, Azure AD DirSync limitation of 100,000 objects contact MS, caution with 3rd party directories

What are examples of Pilot Activities?

  • Checking Prerequisites
  • Setting up pilot domains
  • Adding Users
  • Connecting existing Email Accounts (open IMAP port)
  • Setting up collaboration Sites
  • Preparing Pilot Users
  • Testing the Pilot
  • Running the Pilot
  • Completing the Pilot

What is the process for creating a tenant account?

  • Select a Plan = E1 E2 E3 (E3 is most popular)
  • Use an external email account to setup Office 365
  • Sign Up for Trial via Partner which allows 250 users + 60 day limit (instead of the normal 25 user + 30 day limit)
  • Enter some company data
  • Validate Sign Up

What are some potential issues during Tenant Account Provisioning?

  • Tenant Name Unavailable – name might be in use
  • Offensive or Restricted Gov Name – pretty straightforward
  • Domain Unavailable – Trial account already exists – close it first
  • Provisioning Time – SharePoint can take a whole hour to provision

What are some potential errors during Tenant Account Provisioning?

  • Wrong tenant name – this cannot be changed!
  • Global Administrator Name – Make this a real person as opposed to “Admin” – you need to verify your identity when signing up so a real name is important.  Also in Azure you need a Credit Card to signup so again a real name is important.
  • Getting the Identity of Person Signing up wrong
  • Getting the Tenant Name wrong
  • Getting the Global Admin password wrong
  • Getting the Global Admin email address wrong
  • Getting the Country wrong.

How do you actually get started?

  • Login to portal.microsoftonline.com once you signup
  • Go to the Office 365 Admin Center

What are the main menu items in the Office 365 Admin Center?

  • Dashboard
  • Setup
  • Users and Groups
  • Domains
  • Licensing
  • Service Settings
  • Service Health
  • Reports
  • Support
  • Purchase Services
  • Message Center
  • Tools

What can you expect to see under Service Health in the Office 365 Admin Center?

  • A grid showing your services on the left and the past 7 days of Service Health status for each service, thanks to the help of some crafty icons.

What are some Client Access Blocking Issues?

  • No Internet Connection
  • No routing to Internet
  • No Gateway Address or incorrect Address
  • Routing Errors
  • Latency – (Lync requires low latency!!)
  • Satellite connection can actually break encryption

What are some Port and Caching and IPv6 requirements

  • Make sure right ports are open
  • Check network traffic is not saturated
  • Office 365 uses third-party caching for non-SSL traffic
  • IP-based filtering on these caches is not possible or supported
  • Use * r3.res.outlook.com to test non-SSL traffic
  • Check for end to end IPv6 support
  • Check for hardware emulation at perimeter
  • Opening firewall rules just for your Office 365 connection will not work well because IPs are always changing and there is such a broad range of IPs that are used by Office 365 services

What does the Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer do?

  • It checks your current Office 365 configuration across all services to make sure you are following best practices with your configuration.
  • Visit https://TestExchangeConnectivity.com
  • Access it from the Office 365 website
  • Login with your Admin Credentials

What does the Office 365 OnRamp Tool do?

  • It helps you deploy Office 365 by assessing your domain environment and ensuring all prerequisites are in place for setting up Office 365.
  • Visit https://onramp.office365.com/
  • Sign In using your Azure AD Account
  • Select the Service that you want to deploy
  • Choose the Office 365 Features – eg: Exchange SharePoint Lync Office 365 ProPlus
  • Choose Cloud Identity / DirSync / ADFS
  • Choose if you are migrating email or not
  • Choose if you are an IT Pro or not
  • Run the Automatic Checks which installs a tool through the browser – it may prompt you to download and install Azure AD SignIn Assistant, Azure AD Module for PowerShell, Azure AD Module for PowerShell HotFix, Windows Management Framework Core package 2.0.  If so, then re-run the tool.  It will once again ask you to login to Office 365 as Admin.  This will check your Credentials Network Domain Users and Groups Lync Mail Sites and Software in your environment.  You can then review detailed messages showing you what you are missing.
  • Note that Lucern Publishing Datacenters publish this setup for you.

What are some Network Connectivity Factors to consider?

  • What Office 365 services you will use
  • How many simultaneous clients will connect
  • Is Internet browser performance good
  • Is you Network segment ok for capacity
  • How many simultaneous mailbox migrations will you do
  • How will you run Office 365 ProPlus installation
  • Are there NAT limitations / subnet size for 6000 clients

To be updated over the next week or so…